Dip your toe in unchartered waters.
Feel the ecstasy and intensity of being human.

Imagine finding yourself in a playground of self-discovery – one that merges the arts, philosophy and technology into an immersive experience – the likes of which you have never felt before.

Every sense is heightened.
You’re immersed, connected.
You feel alive.

Welcome to the world of Argentinian-born Mages Ruiz Diaz. A passionate Artistic Director based in Melbourne, Mages has more than 10 years of experience in the creative industries. Leading brands and worldwide agencies – like Google, Kraft, McCann, Ford and Visit Victoria, just to name a few – have benefited from Mages’ powerful brand activations and sensational strategies. Mages’ events cross the boundary between art and life, creating extraordinary moments of shared collective consciousness. They are striking, transformative and most importantly, one-of-a-kind. If you’re part of a brand, organisation or a music festival, Mages wants to hear from you.

Shows and Theatre

Don’t be frightened – the water is warm and there’s a whole new world waiting for you below the surface.